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Aims Electrical, your partner for maintaining your systems, giving trouble free running, increased safety and therefore efficiency. We use advanced technical infrared camera equipment to inspect and evaluate a broad field of electrical, mechanical, structural and processing equipment systems. By conducting regular inspections, potential troubles can be identified and expensive components, downtime and possible employee injury avoided.

Infrared Inspections – the cost-effective solution:

  • No need to shut down equipment for inspections
  • Non invasive testing
  • Quick identification of problems
  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Full detailed analytical reports
  • Saves you valuable down time and money
  • Avoids production time losses

Aims Electrical Thermal Imaging can be used to identify and analyse thermal anomalies for condition monitoring of pumps. These thermal anomalies are usually caused by such mechanisms as operation, improper lubrication, misalignment, worn components or mechanical loading anomalies.

Misaligned Pumps: The high coupling end pump and motor bearing temperatures and the high temperature difference between the pump bearings are typical of a misaligned pump.

Turbine Oil Coolers: The two turbine oil coolers of identical design demonstrate that one of the turbines has an oil cooler problem. Insufficient thermal evidence existed at the time of the survey to determine whether the problem was related to oil flow, water flow, or both given that both machines were operating at identical loads. Under identical loads and oil condition, Turbine No. 2 operated with consistently higher vibration due to the effects of reduced oil viscosity resulting from the higher operating temperatures.

Electrics on Pumps: The heating on the C phase of this circuit breaker indicates a loose or bad connection.

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