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Mechanical Inspection and Predictive Maintenance: Infrared thermography is an excellent condition monitoring tool to assist in the reduction of maintenance costs on mechanical equipment. The technique allows for the monitoring of temperatures and thermal patterns while the equipment is online and running under full load. Most mechanical equipment has allowable operating temperature limits that can be used as guidelines. For many businesses, mechanical systems serve as the backbone to operations. When mechanical components become worn and less efficient, the heat emissions often increase. Unlike many other test methods, infrared can be used on a wide variety of equipment including pumps, motors, bearings, pulleys, fans, drives, conveyors etc.

Predictive maintenance is a type of condition-based maintenance emphasising early prediction of failure using non-destructive techniques such as thermographic analysis.

Aims Electrical assists you to identify:

  • Overheating motors and components
  • Problems in rotating equipment
  • Detect coke build-up in crude furnaces
  • Power plant boiler flue gas leak detection
  • Mechanical bearing inspections
  • Heat ventilation air conditioning equipment evaluation


  • Reduce risk of equipment failure
  • Avoid unscheduled maintenance
  • Non destructive testing

Switchgear - Loose Buss Bar Connection: During inspection of a manufacturing plant it was found this loose bolt causing the section of buss to rise to 252.2 degrees F. Electricians repaired the connection and reduced the buss to 103 degrees F., preventing an electrical emergency and loss of production.

Motor Starter Disconnect – Bad Connection: This connection was 217.6 degrees F. a 93.4 degree rise over the other connections. By repairing this resistance in the 3 phase motor circuit, the voltage imbalance in the motor was eliminated. The motor then ran cooler dramatically increasing its life expectancy and reducing energy consumption.

Circuit breaker Panel – Faulty Splice Connection: This splice connecting aluminium and copper conductors was 392.5 degrees F., a 250.7 degree rise.

Would you prefer to find this problem during infrared inspection, or, wait until it causes an emergency?